Wine List

From some of the world’s greatest wines, the lesser known and the rising heroes, the wine list at the Atlantic highlights the diversity and complexity that is the world of wine.

We take great care in offering you what we believe to be the best examples of each variety, region and style.

As wine is ever changing, this list will reflect those changes. We at Atlantic take great pleasure in finding you the perfect accompaniment to your ocean to plate experience.

We not only believe in the importance of matching wine with food, but also ensure that your wine is served to you in the correct glassware and at the temperature intended to fully experience the wines aroma’s and flavour.

There is a well known saying within the industry – There are no great wines, only great bottles of wine! It’s with this saying that highlights the importance of providence in wine. Our bottles of wine are sourced only from reputable suppliers, direct from the domains or from distinguished private collections.


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