Nick Mahlook
Executive Chef

From humble coastal beginnings to working with some of the city’s most demanding kitchens, Nick Mahlook is built to captain The Atlantic ship.

Raised in Lakes Entrance, on his family’s vineyard, from an early age Nick was surrounded by the freshest regional produce, developing his personal ethos of “only the best”.

His career in the kitchen began at the age of 16, in his sister’s restaurant Miriam’s, where his passion for food and creating was the driving force in expanding his culinary horizons. At age 18, Nick moved to Melbourne landing in the kitchen of the acclaimed Stokehouse restaurant where he would spend the next decade working with Melbourne’s leading chefs. In 2007, Nick was appointed Head Chef of Stokehouse Café with menus influenced by his travels through Europe and South America.

Nick was appointed Executive Chef at The Atlantic in October 2017, and has brought with him an honest and simple approach to his kitchen. As Executive Chef, he will continue to celebrate the world’s best seafood, working with the freshest wild and sustainable fish, oysters and shellfish but will let his let his passion for nostalgic childhood dishes reinvent some of the classics.

Sam Hocking, Head Chef

Brighton born, Sam’s career began at Middle Eastern restaurant Souk in 2005. It was in 2007 when Sam moved to Stokehouse, St. Kilda that this duo began working together. Prior to this Sam spent time overseas with a ski season in Whistler, Canada and a year in Berlin with the esteemed Soho House group. It was upon his return to Melbourne that Sam joined the Stokehouse group where he and Nick developed a great appreciation for one another’s culinary creations. Sam then joined the Ezard establishment where he continued to refine and develop his talents.

Sam returned to the Stokehouse for the reopening, and continued to work alongside Nick before both joining The Atlantic in 2017.

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